Retreat Bundles


Here at The Retreat Specialists we understand that as you are starting in business you may not be financial all of the time and so we have developed the following bundles for purchase for you along the way. Each bundle is linked to a Module from our courses and includes - descriptive information, PDF attachments and relevant worksheets. Each one is a different investment cost depending on its size and importance in your planning. if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. You will have access to this Bundle for 6 months from the date of Purchase - we suggest you save the PDF and note the web link.  After purchase you will be redirected to return to Liesel Albrecht which is the link to the relevant bundle you have purchased. PLEASE BOOKMARK THE PAGE and out of respect please do not share.

Bundle  One   $15 AUD

Bundle One is all about the Why of Retreats, this along with beginning to pull them apart bit by bit.
We will also take a look at your Story and how you have come to want to add Retreats to your Business.​

Bundle Two   $20 AUD

Do you need to understand your Ideal Client better? As well as consider your Where and When you want to go and all the things you need to think about.

Bundle Three $25 AUD

What is the right name to attract your perfect clients? 
How do you draw them in with your magical promises and an enchanting theme? Come and find out what you need to know to start you on your journey.

Bundle  Four   $35 AUD

Bundle Four is all about Itineraries - the perfect one, getting the right balance and including everything you need to know. See our example Itineray and some great Worksheets to get you started.

Bundle  Five   $45 AUD

How do you Budget your Retreat so that you make a profit? Purchase here to find out how to calculate your Baseline Costings, Your Costs and the all important profit margin.

Bundle  Six  $9 AUD

Booking - the right ways - the wrong ways and everything in between!

Bundle  Seven  $65 AUD

Bundle Seven is all about Launching and Marketing. 
The type of layers to put in a  Sales Funnel, how to grow your relationship with others and some Tips for campaigns.

Bundle Eight    $220 AUD

Bundle Eight begins us on the path when we have participants sigh up for our Retreat - having a System, a Risk Management Plan and Legalities Covered. This Module includes the appropriate legal documentation for Retreat Attendance and Spread Sheets that can be taken on the Retreat.
*Please have these checked by your own legal representative.

Bundle  Nine    $20 AUD

Bundle Nine  is all about Preparing for Your Retreat - making sure all your Paperwork is in Order, you are totally organised and have amazing Welcome Gifts and all those 'other' things to think about like how to work harmoniously with a co-facilitator.

Bundle  Ten  $25 AUD

Bundle Ten is all about the Retreat. Tips on when to arrive, how to structure your first discussion with the whole group, Counselling Retreat Style and Conflict Resolution